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Fortitude Private Wealth

Strategies, not Products

Our comprehensive private wealth strategies have helped our clients not only increase the likelihood of accomplishing their financial goals, but has also empowered them.

We provide solutions through a consultative process. We do not sell any products. All of our compensation is paid to us in the form of a fee directly from our clients.

The majority of our clients are small business owners, company shareholders or executives who want a defined process for organizing and managing their wealth. Our clients want us to help them solve problems or find solutions to their more complex wealth planning challenges.

Common Challenges We Help Resolve

  • “What is my overall asset allocation or risk across all of my different accounts?”
  • “Does my overall asset allocation and risk tolerance match my time horizon?”
  • “What time horizon is most appropriate for all of my different accounts?”
  • “What is the most cost effective investment strategy?”
  • “When I retire, which accounts will I receive income from first and in what order?”
  • “What is the most tax effective strategy for receiving income during retirement?”
  • “Should I consider converting a portion of my IRA to a Roth IRA?”
  • “When does my Required Minimum Distribution begin and how much will it be?”
  • “What is the best strategy for maximizing my Social Security Benefit?”
  • “Should I purchase Term Life Insurance or a Universal Life Insurance Policy?”
  • “Is Long-Term Care Insurance something that I should consider purchasing?”

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