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Why Maximize Social Security?

Why Maximize Social Security?

Over the next 17 years, almost 70 million baby boomers will turn 62 at a rate of over 11,000 per day.¹

Most of these individuals have been conditioned by the media and the financial services industry to believe that Social Security should not be relied upon because it may not be solvent when they are ready to collect or if it is solvent, then their future benefits may be reduced.

Though there are many possible outcomes for what Social Security benefits will provide in the future, it should not be an overlooked area of someone’s financial plan.

Maximizing Your Retirement Income Resources

Social Security provides between 25% to 40% of the total retirement income need for the average retiree.¹ When analyzing your retirement income resources, it is vital to analyze your Social Security benefit and integrate it with your other retirement income resources to maximize your income during retirement.

FPW Social Security Maximization Strategies™

  • Coordinate Spousal Benefits
  • Coordinate Retirement Income Sources
  • Maximize Survivor Benefits
  • Maximize Divorced Spousal Benefits

¹ Source: Horsesmouth, “The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Savvy Social Security Planning for Boomers.”

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Joshua D. Zorger, CFP® is the President and Founder of Fortitude Private Wealth, a fee-only registered investment advisor.

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