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  • Joshua D. Zorger is a CFP® Professional
  • Joshua D. Zorger, CFP® Carmel Indiana SmartVestor Pro
  • Joshua D. Zorger, CFP® Honored with the 2016 Five Star Wealth Manager Award
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How Is Your Financial Advisor Compensated?

The reality of the financial services industry is there are multiple business models for providing and receiving financial advice. Some of these business models have conflicts of interest that may influence what products or services are recommended by the financial advisor to their clients. How a financial advisor is compensated normally depends on the licenses […] IWEBIX Webdesign

Upholding a Fiduciary Standard

Fortitude Private Wealth is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm that upholds a fiduciary standard of care in all of our business activities. Because the financial industry can be a confusing place, Fortitude Private Wealth has decided to make the process of working with our firm a simple one. Our clients and the prospective clients […]

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