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FPW’s Proactive Client Process

The Investment Management Process at FPW is based on 5 Steps. It starts with a thorough analysis to understand your most appropriate levels of risk. It is important to understand your target growth rate and time horizon for your portfolio. It concludes by monitoring and making changes to your strategy when needed. 

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Fortitude Private Wealth Carmel Indiana

Step 1
Investment Objective Selection

Select an Investment Objective by identifying the appropriate Risk Level and Target Growth Rate for each client portfolio. 

Fortitude Private Wealth Carmel Indiana

Step 2
Independent Research

Fortitude Private Wealth researches and identifies the lowest cost investment vehicles available for our client portfolios. 

Step 3
Custom Trading Strategy

Execute a Trading – Rebalancing Strategy customized to each client portfolio that is dependent on risk level, time horizon and market price. This strategy is not based on time, but instead based on reacting to both increases and declines in market prices. 

Fortitude Private Wealth Carmel Indiana

Step 4
Tax Efficiency

Maximize tax efficiency by planning tax-loss harvesting to realize capital losses and appropriate times for realizing capital gains. 

Fortitude Private Wealth Carmel Indiana

Step 5
Monitor and Update

Monitoring and Reporting of account performance and progress over time. Review and update each client's strategy as their risk, time horizon or objectives change. 

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